Chinese women's Olympic qualifying heats, again after a lapse of 8 years to enter the Olympic Games

Time:2016-03-25 10:58:02        Author:Aojian


For the Chinese women's football qualifying prospects are not optimistic about this problem, Yu Hongchen said, the main reason is the Chinese women's football in the lower ranked, and the reason why can qualify. The first is the Chinese Football Association team set up earlier, in 2011 for London Olympic Games, initiated the establishment of preparing for the Rio Olympics women's team; in the team coach, pre Haowei, now Bruno, are more professional, training professional management and team spirit are in excellent form, comprehensive support in place team to qualify is a comprehensive reasons. "Specific to the game, coach Bruno to the central role, from the training to the game plan, to the on-the-spot command, he of sports law grasp very accurate. The opponent against level can win, against strong opponents can The weak overcame the strong. He around the actual needs of the game, the opponent's analysis, understanding of their own, to grasp the game environment, there is a very professional judgment."

The Chinese women's football after a lapse of eight years once again into the Olympic Games, mainly due to coach training well, whether it is before the training arrangements or on-the-spot command, grasp a quasi. Of course, the most important or player's efforts, in the future events or training ground, Austrian health artificial turf company is willing to participate in the name of sponsorship, support the country's foot!

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