Best quality soccer synthetic grass football turf
Best quality soccer synthetic grass football turf

AAG Artificial Grass imported yarn

1.AAG Artificial Grass Guarantee

Note: There are eight features of artificial grass:

1. all-whether: It is not affected by climate, improving the using efficiency of field.
2. evergreeness:  after natural grasses entered into dormancy, artificial grasses can still bring you the feeling of spring.
3.environmental protection: materials are all environmental protected, and the surface of artificial grasses is recyclable. 
4. simulation: the production of artificial grasses is based on the bionics principle, they are flexible and comfortable.
5. durability: durable, not easily fade, especially suitable for the use of frequency field.
6. economic: generally, it can be used more than five years.
7. exempt maintenance: basically, expect artificial damage, there is no maintenance cost.
8. easy construction: you can pave on pitch, cement and sand and any other field.

2.AAG Artificial Grass Appearance

(1)This artificial grass is made from Holland Thiolon company imported yarn which is 100% new PE raw materials,

stable quality, reliable performance. By the manufacturer's warranty, with the assured ,PLS Rest Assured Use

imported football grass

(2)With 100% of new materials and elliptical yarn appearance like rugby, AAG artificial grass ensure the yarn surface

without sharp edges, the round surface without the feeling of that kind of scraping the hand flesh, the more soft and

comfortable feelling.

best quality artificial grass for football

(3) AAG artificial grass using the latest PE raw materials and imported pigment production, let every yarn full of

elasticity and toughness, can withstand the sport brought one hundred million rotation, bending, trample, remain is

ever new

holland football grass

3.AAG Artificial Grass Parameter


Pile height 50 MM Gauge 3/4inch
Yarn material Holland imported thiolon PE Stich rate 200stitches/M
Yarn court 12500 DTEX Weight 2.2-2.3kg/SQM
Basic cloth 2 PP or Net + SBR Glue Turf density 10500 Turfs/SQM
Width 4 or2 m Package Black/white  PP bag
Length Normally 25m or Need. Applications Football field or training
Yarn color light green and dark green Supplement 25kg sand+7kg rubber/SQM

FIFA football grass

4.Cooperation Customer

5.AAG Artificial Grass Packaging

6.AAG Artificial Grass Auxiliary material


7.AAG Artificial Grass Construction Technology

8.AAG Artificial Grass Project  photos


9.AAG Artificial Grass Certification

10.Scope of business


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